HEATHERS concert at Joe's Pub

By Alana 10 Aug 2010

Annaleigh will be part of a sold out concert of "Heathers: the Musical" at Joe's Pub on September 13!! She will be protraying the lead role of Veronica Sawyer. If you would like to read more about it you can check out these two articles: Article 1 and Article 2

Billy Green Episode

By Alana 08 Aug 2010

A new webisode series, Billy Green, has started with a few episodes online that include a lot of your favorite broadway stars.....and Annaleigh can be spotted in the most recent one. Be sure to check it out here: video

Download Birdland

By Heidur 25 Jul 2010

Sorry for the delay in this. I know I promised it last night but my internet went out and I couldn't post this.
But now you can download a recording of Annaleigh's show at Birdland over here

Also, about the tagboard. From now on, please post under a name. I dont care if you use your own or make one up. Just use a name. I will delete all posts from now on that aren't written under a name.
Also don't advertise other websites without asking for permission first.

More Birdland Pictures

By Alana 14 Jul 2010

A few more pictures have been added to photo gallery from the amazing Birdland concert on Monday night. :)

Birdland Concert

By Heidur 13 Jul 2010

I've added some pictures from the Birdland concert last night, to the gallery. Annaleigh looked absolutely stunning! Look forward to some audio from the show ;)

Birdland Show

By Heidur 07 Jul 2010

Annaleigh wanted to thank everyone for the sweet messages you sent in! She really loved all of them :)

I also have to remind everyone about Annaleigh's Birdland show that is next Monday night at 7pm! Annaleigh sent some flyers over, with a great new shot of her! Look forward to some other new shots later on :)

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