By Heidur 31 Oct 2008

Happy Halloween guys! Here is Annaleigh's best Halloween story:

A couple years ago, I went to a swanky party that happened to be filled with fabulous drag queens. I went as Tinkerbell and made my own fabulous costume and had very outrageous makeup. Well, the dress was skin tight and I didn't wear my "chicken cutlets" that night. I had a guy come up me and say, "Girl... That's the best drag I've seen all night. Fierce!" He thought I was a man... in drag... as Tinkerbell. That was a first!

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Diva Talk Interview

By Heidur 25 Oct 2008

In honor of Wicked turning 5 years old, "Diva Talk" posed the same four questions to several of the actresses who have brought Elphaba or Glinda to full life, including Annaleigh. Here are her answers:

Question: What is the most memorable stage door moment/fan comment that you experienced during your run in Wicked?
Annaleigh Ashford: Just recently we had two fans who were dressed as Act 2 Glinda and Elphaba. Their brother had built exact replicas of Susan Hilferty's magical designs, and the little Elphaba even had a green little face. We walked out and did a double-take. They looked fabulous, and that certainly was the first time I saw a fully decked-out Glinda and Elphaba at the stage door.

Question: What is the funniest stage mishap that stands out in your mind from your Wicked run?
Ashford: One night during "Loathing," at the very top of the song when I have to jump up on the stage, I fell on my back. My feet flew over my head. And, my skirt followed! Thank God we wear spankys or I would have given a not-so-family friendly show that evening. Just kidding! It was hilarious. Any time somebody falls completely on their face, and they're ok, it's a big 'ol laugh to be had by the audience and everyone on stage. Falls are funny...if your ankles are ok.

Question: Would you say you're more Elphaba or more Glinda in real life?
Ashford: We all have a little of both in us, I hope. But I would have to say my spirit is a little bit more like Glinda's. I tend to be more silly, and I am terrible at flying on brooms.

Question: Why do you think Wicked has become such a hit all around the world?
Ashford: Regardless of its connection to "The Wizard of Oz" and its truly flawless production quality, Wicked is, at its core, a story of two friends and the sacrifices they both make to change the world and to change each other. That is the theme and the heart that remains universal. I believe that is why this show had been such a success in so many languages all around the world.


Sex and the City

By Heidur 18 Oct 2008

Thanks so much to Linny, we have screencaptures of Annaleigh's scene in Sex and the City. She also made a clip of her scene, and you can now download it from the video page.

Pictures + New Gallery Layout

By Heidur 17 Oct 2008

Well I've managed to add about 20 new pictures to the gallery. Thanks to Alana for most of these. Here is a list of where they are from:

001x Taste of Chicago
005x Revival: Broadway's Next Act
002x Wicked Tour
001x 2008 AIDS Run & Walk Chicago
010x Various Stage Door Pictures (if any of these are yours and you don't want them here, or you want to be credited just email me and let me know)
001x Backstage at Wicked Broadway

You can either click the links above, or better yet. Just click Latest Uploads

You might also notice that there is a new gallery layout. It was made by me, and I hope you all like it :)
I also updated the facts page and the fanlisting. Join if you havn't already :)

Sorry guys

By Heidur 13 Oct 2008

Hey guys. I'm sorry about the lack of updates. I know I said I have a lot of pictures to upload, and I do. There are a bunch of stuff I need to add actually but I just want to explain a few things.
I'm in my last semester of school, which means I have way too much school work to do and only about 2 more months to get it all done. Obviously I can't spend nearly as much time online as I've done in the past but things will slow down soon.
The stuff I need to add will come later this week, I will try tonight but don't shoot me if that wont happen.

Also, I am looking for someone to help me out here at the site. You NEED to know how to update a website. How to work cutenews and coppermine.
If you are interested in joining the team, email me at alluringannaleigh@gmail.com

New Layout

By Heidur 28 Sep 2008

As you can probably see, we have a brand new layout. I was getting a little sick of the dark. It was made by my friend Linny and I hope you all love it as much as I do :D

I've updates a lot of the pages, such as Biography, Facts, Filmography, Who is Annaleigh? and Affiliates.
Also I added 15 new Link Buttons that were made by Linny.

Also, as you can probably tell. We have a new name! Hope you like it :D The other one was a bit mis-leading :P

Tomorrow I will add some new pictures and post about all the other pictures that were added to the gallery earlier.

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