Audio Interview

By Heidur 13 Jul 2008

Thanks to Lindsey we have a great audio interview with Annaleigh and Heather Hach (the writer of Legally Blonde)
Annaleigh talks about where she grew up, LB and Judy Garland (surprise?)
Click Here to listen to the interview (or right click and save target to download it)

Taste of Chicago Picture

By Erica 02 Jul 2008

Hey Guys! This is my first update, so hopefully you like it!
Here is a picture from "Taste of Chicago". It's a picture of Jennifer Dinoia ,who understudies Lisa Brescia in Chicago, and Annaleigh! smile

Taste of Chicago

By Heidur 01 Jul 2008

The Taste of Chicago Festival was yesterday (June 30) and Annaleigh was there singing some songs from Wicked. A really great person whom Im very greatful for, recorded the songs and you can check them out on youtube. Check out Popular and For Good
Annaleigh seems to be having quite the blonde moments these days. She accidentally kicks off her shoe during Popular.. but catches it and starts laughing smile

Also, Im going to Spain tomorrow for a week, and then a family reunion the weekend I get back. So there wont be any updates until Monday the 14th.. unless Erica updates.
Emma is currently at Camp and wont be back for 8 weeks.

Wicked Day Video

By Heidur 30 Jun 2008

Finally we have a video from Wicked Day in Chicago. The Chicago Tribune Web version posted this video. Annaleigh has a really funny blonde moment half way through the video haha :)
Check it out over here

Annaleigh's Birthday

By Heidur 26 Jun 2008

I got confirmation that I was allowed to post this, but yesterday was Annaleigh's 23rd Birthday! Happy Birthday Annaleigh, I hope you had a wonderful day!

Wicked Day Chicago

By Heidur 25 Jun 2008

Thanks so much to ILOVEbradbass and Yeroismyhero we have some pictures of Annaleigh from Wicked Day in Chicago. It looks like she had an awesome time :)

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