Broadway's Back Concert & Curtain Call

By Emma 23 May 2008

These pictures go WAY back, but it seems they were overlooked when the concert happened. I posted a couple of pictures of Annaleigh from the concert, and a few other pictures over the past few days, so check them all out in the gallery over here

Also, some other VERY exciting picture news: I found a BUNCH of curtain call pictures of Annaleigh! Check them out:

More Legally Blonde pictures of Annaleigh

By Emma 21 May 2008

Hey guys! Alright, I noticed that there really weren't enough publicity shots from Legally Blonde as Annaleigh, so I added a few.
I've also added a few backstage pictures that you can find here Enjoy!

New Inons

By Emma 18 May 2008

Hey guys! I just added four new icons that I made for Annaleigh..check them out here!

Site update

By Heidur 17 May 2008

I've done a big site update, updating most of the pages. Check out the following pages:

Biography A new one written by Erica
Facts Added a few new ones
Filmography Added some characters to some theater projects she did, and added Chicago Wicked and the two movies.
Quotes Added two new quotes. They are at the bottom.
Contact Annaleigh Added the Chicago address and another address you can use in New York.
Encounter New story added. Please send yours in smile
Affiliates Some new affiliates. If you want your site listed, just contact us.
Link us Some new buttons.
Staff Fixed up the staff page. Added Erica and Emma, plus put some pictures of us.
Past Layouts Added all the past layouts.

I also added a new section called Reviews. If you want to send in your review of anything you have seen Annaleigh in, just email me at
Erica has written a review of Annaleigh's last show of Wicked in New York and you can read it here

I have a few videos to update, but its late now so they will come in a few days smile

Vote for Annaleigh!

By Emma 16 May 2008

Hey guys! Congrats to Annaleigh for being one of the nominees for Best Female Replacement for a Audience Award, along with her old co-star Stephanie J. Block. Vote for Annaleigh to win here

For those who are confused as to why you have to vote twise. The first thing was to vote for someone to get nominated. Annaleigh got enough votes the first round to get a nomination so now we have to vote again for a winner.

Sex and the City

By Heidur 16 May 2008

There is a little quote from Annaleigh in yesterday's Rocky Mountain News.
The small articles talks about Annaleigh's role in Sex and the City and this is what she had to say:

"I'm this awful, awful girl," she said. "I'm wearing Dior and Gucci."

The article also mentiones that 'Dancing with Shiva' is now called 'Rachel's Wedding'
For those who don't know, Annaleigh is playing a girl in Sex and the City who is applying to become Carries Assistant.

Sex and the City opens worldwide on May 30! Everyone go out and support our girl biggrin

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