More Stage Door Pictures

By Heidur 10 Feb 2008

Jody went to see Wicked this past Wednesday and she sent me 4 pictures from the stage door. Check them out below biggrin

Backstage Pictures

By Heidur 09 Feb 2008

Emma and Rachael went to see Wicked on January 26th and they got to meet Annaleigh backstage. Emma sent me some pictures and you can view them by clicking the thumbnails below smile

If you want to share your stage door pictures you can email me at

Site Updates

By Heidur 06 Feb 2008

I've done a bit of a site update today. I fixed the sidebar to add the new projects and to add some new top affiliates.

I also changed the Gallery theme and added a new page called Calendars. Ill be adding a new calendar each month from now on.

Also, people have been asking me if I know if Annaleigh has any scheduled day's off at Wicked. Well I got an answer to that question yesterday and the answer is no. She wont be out of the show unless she is sick or anything comes up.

[LATER] Annaleigh and Stephanie met with the newly cast Australian Wicked Cast members and there was a photographer there to catch it all. I've added 2 HQ's to the gallery and am currently looking for some more untagged pictures smile

New on Annaleigh

By Heidur 05 Feb 2008

I have a few great news to share.

Annaleigh filmed a scene in the upcoming Sex and the City: The Movie, its only one scene but hopefully it will make it to the big screen smile

I also got confirmation she will be in Wicked till April 20th, not sure if she will extend or not.

And she will be in a Cabaret at Birdland on April 7!

Graphics and Pictures

By Heidur 02 Feb 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates guys.
I've added a new Wallpaper donated by Lauren, 4 new icons by Jasmine and some new Stage Door pictures to the gallery
If you are the owner of any of those pictures and want either credit or the pictures to be removed, please email me!

If you want to donate anything to the site. Stage door pictures, your story of meeting Annaleigh at the stage door or any graphics, please email me at smile

New pictures

By Heidur 05 Jan 2008

I've added 4 new pictures to the gallery. Its from the time Annaleigh was in college. Thanks so much to Emma for sending them to me.

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